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After relocating from the rural areas of the Eastern Sierra, we began offering telehealth appointments for our longtime patients and clients. We would like to offer you our continued care by telehealth while we navigate the current COVID 19 pandemic and into the future. One of the main benefits of telehealth apps is that it expands access to care for people who need it most. It makes it easier for clients in rural communities to access specialists, or for those who live far from their provider’s office to continue to see them. With telehealth therapy, distance and travel time or expenses are less of a barrier to the care clients need. Appointments will take place by means of a videoconferencing application called Telehealth by Simple Practice. It works in a similar way to Zoom or Skype, but it is designed to be secure for healthcare purposes. You will be able to sign on from any computer, smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi. You can have your appointment from home, or from anywhere that is convenient for you.

Meeting by telemedicine is not the same as meeting in person, but our experience is that it works well for most people. This is especially true for patients who already have an established in-person relationship with their doctor. We will also continue to accept new patients from the Eastern Sierra and anywhere in the State of California. Insurance companies will often reimburse for telemedicine visits; you should call your insurance company to find out details.

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