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We have an exceptionally well-regarded, non-insurance based practice with a long waiting list. We need to grow and are looking for a highly talented psychiatrist or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner to join our practice. 

We are looking for someone who is looking for mentorship and the opportunity to grow into a confident, skilled, and excellent clinician.

Candidate should possess solid skills in psychiatric evaluation and psychopharmacology. You should be passionate about mental health care, and compassionate about the patients we serve. Excellent rapport building skills with patients is a must. We value collaboration with psychotherapists and medical colleagues, and we put in the time to make connections to optimize patient outcomes. 

We do more than just “med management”. We incorporate brief, empathic psychotherapeutic interventions, often behavioral, into every visit. There is the flexibility to do more traditional weekly psychotherapy visits with patients, if you desire. Our philosophy is that we do no rush appointments and provide excellent follow up care. We value compassionate service to our patients and we have excellent office support to provide this, We believe medicine should be as simple as possible for both clinician and patient and we have a simple EHR and scheduling platforms so that we can can focus on providing excellent care to patients. We are not contracted with insurance but provide superbills to our patients for reimbursement. 

Opportunity to develop your own area of subspecialty in the practice – child and adolescent, addiction, women’s health, autism, ADHD, or whatever interests you. We also contract with agencies to care for underserved populations, with which you may choose to be involved. 

About me (Dr Murat Akalin):

I am double-boarded in psychiatry and family medicine and have been out of residency 17 years now.  I practice psychiatry almost exclusively at this point, with a little volunteer family medicine work. I have an excellent psychiatric nurse practitioner that works in the practice part-time, a few hours per week. My wife is a psychologist, who works part-time seeing mostly couples and some individuals, and oversees the financials and global operations of the practice. We also have an excellent office manager, with over 15 years experience in managing a psychiatry practice. 

I am committed to providing excellent care to my patients. My approach is person-centered, existential and humanistic. I meet people where they are, place great importance on their autonomy, but do not shy away from giving heartfelt, connected and authentic recommendations on what I think would be helpful for them. I have training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and other cognitive-behavioral approaches, and I weave this into my work with patients. I spend time on helping people move toward behavioral change. Addictions are part of what people come to us with. I like working on addictions, and I do not screen these people out from my practice. 

With regard to medications, I start with evidence-based practice, but with refractory or severe cases, I am willing to try things for which there is less evidence. I am generally cautious with new medications. I am reluctant to use atypical antipsychotics for conditions other than bipolar or schizophrenia. I am decidedly non-dogmatic. I understand the risks of benzodiazepines, but use them when needed as well. I advocate “de-prescribing” when this makes sense, and like to help people taper off medication, to discover what the medication is doing for them, or not. 

I enjoy teaching, and I am passionate about learning. The learning never stops for me. Every patient has something to teach us, if we can slow down to notice. My goal in mentoring is to help you maximize your own potential, manage your own learning, improve your performance and become the clinician you want to be. 

Work-life balance is important to me, and I enjoy riding our horses, and working outdoors on our little ranch, spending time with friends, and surfing, hiking and snowboarding. 

Please send your cover letter, resume, and pertinent experience to [email protected] 

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